From the very first phone call with Cathy I knew I had to work with her. She saw the real me, the limitless me, the me that thinks beyond what many other coaches can see. She pushes you to go deeper, to find a solution and not just something that ‘worked for her’, but something that will actually work for me and my uniqueness. I had so many ‘ah ha’ moments in our time working together, and even following our final session I still feel very supported by Cathy. Together we have created some real magic and I know I can continue to return to our work together to keep on growing and striving toward the next success. Thank you so much for everything Cathy, you’ve been a huge help on this journey. 

Melissa Wiringi.



I work with leaders that are already successful at what they do. You are a powerful presence, and you have decided very firmly that you wish for more.

I have learned that the people that work best with me are high achievers, and the only way I can get good results is by working with those that are a match for my style of profound coaching.

I am often the choice that CEO’s take especially those that are independent thinkers, Mavericks and change makers. I’ve worked with multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, luxury home builders, pharmacists, farmers, engineers, politicians, and coaches.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart, but my heart is in this with you.

Applying new knowledge can be harder than first thought.  That’s why you need a mentor, to keep you guided, motivated, disciplined and on track, to help you to shift your mindset. Anyone that’s ever had any noteworthy achievements in their life has drawn from the knowledge and inspiration of those operating at a higher level than themselves. Mentors like Cathy are here to fast track your growth and fast track your success. 

Rachel Johnson

I’ve worked with clients from 8 weeks to 5 years. Those of my clients that have stayed the course, have transformed their lives in more ways than they imagined.

Most of my coaching is done remotely around the world. Those that choose to travel enjoy a face to face experience in the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

My coaching is not for everyone and especially not for those looking to shift responsibility. If you are a ‘faint of heart’ type of person, this is not for you.


Hi, great to meet you, welcome to my world. I’m a serial entrepreneur that’s found a calling. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s Business Owners who are stuck high achievers that want to discover who, why and what they are here for in a BIG way. Creating 50 to 100k packages, discovering self mastery, peeling through years of subconcious beliefs that have stopped them in their tracks. You know you can’t work at your highest level when the life around you doesn’t support it.

My private retreats will show you the deep work and the guidance to develop and find those high paying clients you deserve.

Nothing is an accident.The deep guidance you desire is  HERE.

Cat. xo