If you want to re-ignite your purpose, FIND the reason to jump out of bed everyday with enthusiasm and maybe even leave a legacy for your future generations then, this might be the message for you. Being ready to learn exactly what it takes to make the income you desire in a business that transforms lives is your secret desire but, you can’t seem to get the right website, or branding and, marketing and information you need, right??

You just cant seem to make it happen and you don’t know why….

SHAME. Your SELF WORTH is at an all time low. You feel like a failure and you no longer trust your intuition.

You’ve figured out that you can not bust through by using ‘willpower’ to create a new business or new career because, every time you tried that …



The pain that you are suffering is crushing your confidence and you can no longer hear your instinct or intuition.

You used to be able to ‘bust’ through and you are not living a happy life on your terms or making the money you desire.

You’ve been trying to do this for soo long ON YOUR OWN and you are wondering WHY this isn’t working…

And my friend…. here is the part you need to hear the most:

You have to re-learn how to FIND the person in YOU. 

Let. that. sink. in.

It is NOT what your doing, that is keeping your bank account from growing or, you living a life you love.

God knows you’ve been working HARD.

You probably don’t even need the money. (its not like you are desperate, right?)

I know, I know. You’ve been taught to believe everything is external but that hasn’t’ been working, has it? And now your tired.

What if I told you…

That even though you are tired, you can change that in an instant?

YOU  have it in you to become and to have the life & money you desire? YEAH – you!!

You can take this with a grain of salt if you want too but…

If you knew how to make an easy 100k per year, you’d already be doing it so.

Real easy. in weeks to months, not a year.

I’m going to share with you a story of the very first time I ever helped someone renovate their house……

My client had gone through a lot in his life.

He was one of those people that you would look at and think “That dude has gone through more s##t in his lifetime than anyone I had ever met”

This included: 

1. Loosing a million dollars on a failed business venture

2. His wife had an affair.

3. He had a lawsuit brought against him from a family member.

4. He got divorced.

5. His new relationship had broken up.

and the most heartbreaking of all…

He had lost a child. His teenage daughter had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

As you can imagine, not only did his life fall apart, his home was in exactly the state as his mind was. Messy.

Nothing had been done to this home for some time. In fact the yard was soo overgrown that he had become embarrassed to have anyone around.

His daughter’s room was closed up, and the section of the home where the kids bedrooms were, was simply a mess.

He had stopped inviting people around and in fact, lived like a recluse.

What was to happen next, was the first step to transforming his life.

Initially, it was hard work. Underneath the struggles though, he wanted change MORE than his excuses.

He wanted to create a new environment and re-build his life.

And so he did.

Miracles flew in from everywhere.

Suddenly he was experiencing things that hadn’t happened in his life for a very long time.

In fact, he even got his garden back on track. Truly, all of a sudden the flowers were growing where there was once weeds.

The happier he got, the more his life expanded. One day at a time, he was transforming into the person he always knew he could be.

I’m reading this and thinking, a lot of you wont believe this is possible. I wouldn’t have believed this either if I didn’t experience it.

“A miracle is a shift in perception”

He wasn’t the only one experiencing a miracle, though.

I was working with him and one day suddenly, a thought flew into my mind – this work was healing him and I was helping him, change his life!

I was not only capable of transforming houses, I had the skills to help someone turn their life around.

That was a long time ago.

A lot has changed and MY life is nothing like it was then.

This was the beginning of not only a new understanding of people and life, but a whole new career opened up for me.

Coaching and Mentoring became a real talent that I didn’t know I had or even wanted.

BUT I’ve got to tell you:


Every job/business I have ever worked in or created was by following my nose.

So lets talk about YOU..

If you have lost you and you desire MORE, lets talk.

Life has a mysterious way of sending us to the right people at exactly the right time.

You DO have a gift that only YOU can bring to the world. 


Waiting… Is horrible!

It costs you more money than you could have ever imagined, and your dream is being sucked away as you stay in a place you don’t want to be…

Struggle street is a choice.

Maybe, you’ve done the course’s, you’ve tried things on your own but you are still where you don’t want to be.

Your KNOW transformation is what’s needed and working with someone, will help you make 5-7 figures faster than you thought possible!

This does NOT matter where you are starting… You KNOW simply must start….

It’s your life, YOU deserve it to be the very best – click the picture to learn more. ??

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I imagine that you are just like I once was.

You want a life of freedom, financial security, a lifestyle you can enjoy and the very best that life can offer you. And frankly… why shouldn’t you?

And maybe on the outside it looks like you already have it all.

Something is missing though…. You don’t have what you desire.

Perhaps your no longer passionate about your life and career, or you made the  ‘jump’ left your career and you just cant make the money OR the lifestyle you desire.

You feel a little crazy because you are strong and driven and you’ve had success in the past but for some reason, you are not aligned with this.

Your fears are keeping you awake at night and just when…

You think you’ve got this mindset thing under wraps, something happens and you are back to square one.

Your desires just aren’t manifesting and you feel agitated.

I changed my life around and now I help others do the same.

If you know you need an entire up-level then this program is for you:

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About Cathy and the Empowered By Soul Programs….

Creating profitable businesses is my passion. Whether its online or offline… business is business! My first launch online, (5 figures) (and I knew NOTHING when I started just 18 months ago) to my first 100k in sales, online,  has been a steep learning curve but, it shows you whats possible when you put your mind to it and hire the right people to help you succeed.

My new goal? to create a million $$$ online business AND to teach women (& enlightened men) how make more money, and have a more meaningful life.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, but if you’d like to jump on the journey RIGHT NOW and get started, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I driven?

Am I passionate?

Am I ready to do what ever it takes?

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There’s a way to create a business you love and, my goal is to show you how to trust your judgement, use your intuition to create, focus, take action and then do the work. I want you to know, its okay to be scared to start. Taking inspired action is the first step.

You CAN attract wealth and abundance without resistance, shame or guilt.

Speak your truth, own your power.

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