I was inspired to create a morning meditation.

It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and I hadn’t been inspired with the right words, until now.

Click on the picture and the video will start playing.

But if you’d prefer to listen to this via audio, here’s the link.

Enjoy your day and remember that you get to choose.

Cathy xx

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I imagine that you are just like I once was.

You want a life of freedom, financial security, a lifestyle you can enjoy and the very best that life can offer you. And frankly… why shouldn’t you?

And maybe on the outside it looks like you already have it all.

Something is missing though…. You don’t have what you desire.

Perhaps your no longer passionate about your life and career, or you made the  ‘jump’ left your career and you just cant make the money OR the lifestyle you desire.

You feel a little crazy because you are strong and driven and you’ve had success in the past but for some reason, you are not aligned with this.

Your fears are keeping you awake at night and just when…

You think you’ve got this mindset thing under wraps, something happens and you are back to square one.

Your desires just aren’t manifesting and you feel agitated.

I changed my life around and now I help others do the same.

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  • Have a fuller expression of your authentic self in life/work/relationships.
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About Cathy and the Empowered By Soul Programs….

Creating profitable businesses is my passion. Whether its online or offline… business is business! My first launch online, (5 figures) (and I knew NOTHING when I started a short while back to my first 100k in sales, online,  has been a steep learning curve but, it shows you whats possible when you put your mind to it and hire the right people to help you succeed.

My new goal? to create a million $$$ online business AND to teach women (& enlightened men) how make more money, and have a more meaningful life.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, but if you’d like to jump on the journey RIGHT NOW and get started, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I driven?

Am I passionate?

Am I ready to do what ever it takes?

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There’s a way to create a business you love and, my goal is to show you how to trust your judgement, use your intuition to create, focus, take action and then do the work. I want you to know, its okay to be scared to start. Taking inspired action is the first step.

You CAN attract wealth and abundance without resistance, shame or guilt.

Speak your truth, own your power.

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